Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learn with me at night

Seems that these arguments apply directly to the hot button issue of gun control that's recently crept into the fore.

Peanuts evidence for or against, And lots of the arguments presented by both sides bear a STRONG agenda.

An example is that we think you are conditioned to see every young person with Aspberger's as potentially violent. When they may have some quirks that our society doesn't consider normal, There is absolutely evidence to point toward the propensity for violence as it relates to this disorder. Seems to me that the glorification of violence in popular media A Must Read For All Supplement Users, This Is The Supplement Bible Of The Modern Day, Author Has Massive Credibility. Upon Purchase You Get A Free 75 Min Audio Valued At Free. For More Info Go To The Truth About Supplements results in violent acts more than this disorder in particular.

Am I way off control?

I don't think that you'll be off track at all. Laws and regulations don't your example of classifying those with Asperger's as potentially violent would fit the description of an overgeneralization or hasty generalization. Here is where stereotyping and labeling can be harmful to a man and someone's family. We have to be careful what presumptions we make about people, Because our presumptions are rarely based on actual facts.

In the gun control debate, Surely that many of the arguments bear resemblance to ad ignoratum, Or appeal to lack of education, In that just because something has not proven true does not imply it is false. As an example,Have we proven that stricter gun laws will make save lives? I don't even think we have. Have we proven that more lenient gun laws may help save lives? However, I don't believe so.

The gun discuss is a real tough one. We know guns kill, And if we could live in a world with no need for any weapons, I believe we'd be all for it. But Utopian society is not possible. We may never choose the best answer regarding gun control. The best we can hope for is moderation since we know that extremism on either side of the thing is not the answer.

Nice one for responding!

If you can easliy live without weapons (Energy solutions), We'd simply invent other and perchance more gruesome ways to destroy each other. It's a natural need to feel power and "Magnificence" Over our fellow human subjects. Is it human nature some thing more sinister?

I see this as a politics strategy.

If we take a small sample one specific event individuals that killed using guns, We can win over minimally aware people using 1, 2 coupled with 3 (Or other techniques)That they must follow the political agenda of banning guns