Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kaira asks Qadri who he is levelling first for

LAHORE: Federal guideline Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has asked Tahirul Qadri for who he is levelling the ground for by holding an ill-Timed and unnecessary long march at this critical juncture of the nation's history when the nation is going for general elections.

Talking to the media after attending the 8th South Asian Free Media relationship (Safma) National gathering at a local hotel here on Wednesday, Kaira said the nanny set-Up would be decided using the Constitution. He further claimed about the mandate of such an interim set-Up was only to facilitate the Election Commission of Pakistan and had nothing to do with creating policies. He was of the view that the upcoming polls could possibly free and fair and might held on time.

He also urged Qadri to get his party registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan to be remembered as a legitimate stakeholder and to join the process of consultation on the interim caretaker set-Upwards. He was of the view that Tahirul Qadri wanted the electoral reforms in the country before elections and also wanted to be part of consultations on caretaker government though he had not registered his party with the ECP.

Kaira went on proclaiming that Qadri could address the ECP, Ask Parliament and even approach the judiciary if he was not happy with the electoral reforms. He stated the people had the authority to congregate, Protest and raise voice for their requirements, But it ought to be done within legal framework.

He claimed that it was now the duty of the media and the political parties to evaluate if it was constitutional right of an individual to suspend state processes. He claimed that the Parliament's committee on electoral reforms has also submitted its suggestions to Parliament.

He dispelled the impression that the federal government was afraid of the long march and claimed that Qadri must elaborate on the slogan and aims of his march to Islamabad, This is a city of about two million people.

While terming Qadri's sentences as self-Contrary, Kaira claimed that despite having no desire to become part of government entities, He still thought i'd lead a march.

Kaira giving answers to a query on the violation of Line of Control claimed the Foreign Office had registered a strong protest with the Indian Deputy High Commissioner over it. The gas and oil sewerlines, Electricity transmitting lines along with highways and railways can run from Central Asia and Iran, Through Pakistan and Afghanistan to whole of the South Asia and ending with east Asia.

The minister discussed the PPP-Led coalition government stood for greater interaction and free movement of people and merchandise across South Asia, Establishing that South Asia, Correct, Booms with ideas of regional cohesiveness and economic cohesiveness.

Kaira said a great deal of sections of intelligentsia, Economists, Doctors, Journalists and peace activists have begun to take a holistic approach the particular collective good of the region.

He stressed the requirement to document populations, Establish greater integration of databases and trust electronic substitutes over cumbersome procedures.

He said the PPP had always imagined closer ties among South Asian nations, Adding that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto held dialogue with Indira Gandhi and initiated friendly ties with Pakistan's South Asian neighbours while Benazir Bhutto urged greater 70% Commission. Make Easy Money Selling This Article Marketing Video Series To Your Customers. Get Your Commissions Quick And Easy. Affiliate Tools Here: Articles 4 Newbies – Article Marketing Videos cooperation among South Asian nations to fight extremist and terrorist ideologies.

He said the us govenment also initiated reconciliation policy towards its neighbours, Adding that Pakistan had taken a number of pursuits to build friendship with its South Asian partners