Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kwm3's criticism Page 65

There's nothing limited to subprime--And that must be nobody seems to get. My 300k+ earning neighbors who leveraged 50% of their future income to buy mansions are included as well. They've mortgaged their future beyond astounding to pay too. Proper, The masai have a small cushion for sure, Yet they can't/don't save a penny (They rely on college scholarships and grants which may not come to pass) And i no longer see them at our town's diners--It's all used up. They lose those job, They're broken in a month--I've already seen this happen more than once.

January 10 09:51 AMI noticed this one 3-4 months earlier. Can do for you I thought--Currencies and health systems are too unstable in Africa to fairly assess it--Positive attitude two highest risks it highlights in filings. It get's paid in local overseas remuneration then converts into SA Rand--No way Earn Per Sale! Ezine Advertising Is Hot And Proven Effective! Now In Our 10th Year, Charlie Page Helps Members Succeed With Ezine Advertising, Article Marketing, Joint Ventures And More! Members Get Free Teleseminars, Lifetime Access And More! Directory Of Ezines to look at the value it receives unless you're an expert at African currency. Which change on a dime, As well the political risk is too high. Go with NZT was it, As soon as recent split up for foreign telco--Just have to have this exposure.

January 10 09:33 AMthe ordinary man can just connect the dots between facts giving weight their importance in the actual. Too much debt anywhere at all levels implies, sure, Virtually no growth and, I believe, Contraction since the great credit expansion was because of expanding credit (Which is now tensing). In the same manner, Excess amount printing devalues currency, Which is corollary to air compressor--It's easy enough, And yet economists manage to doubt it. Ever seen film production company "From the job"--Perhaps the fact they get federal government grants for women and are financed by the finance industry, Is what is in charge of their rose colored glasses or at least their confusion and bias.

January 9 10:24 AMi agree with the conclusion informed; But perhaps not the common sense. The market is simply different now, So you're researching apples to oranges. Lastly, ETFs, HFT, Decimalization and the non plus ultra growth of the financial advisory profession, Together with the soon to retire gigantic wave of boomers, Now will affect markets and stocks in many freakish ways. This situation renders the use of such historical data far less valid in forecasting what people are willing to pay for equities.

January 9 09:41 AMI have spoken with loan workout authorities. A lot of lenders have been reluctant to foreclose, And have held off for ages, But now escape from beneath pull the trigger, Frankly for data processing reasons. You can also have a look at FDIC stats, Which also has a white paper suggesting the depth and breadth of trouble, Like an arterial clog. This information are old news. Also check the footnotes to home builders' financial records as well as MD in filings--Most home builders expect a gloomier year next year b/c of foreclosures which will offer better deals than they. What housing points are improved a lot, Like some more permits filed, Those aren't sold homes, They'll build--What exactly, Charging money for is what matters. But you don't offer much of a counterargument to the most self-evident trend--Plus its clearly housing is in a long down cycle.

January 5 08:13 PMa bottom in lodging? You're kidding right? There is a huge dam of house home property real estate mortgage property foreclosure ready to break, Finance costs are prohibitive with 20% down being mandatory at most lenders and will become more prohibitive as rates rise, Tax increases make ownership more pricey, Would be buyers have enormous student debt and boomers will soon start selling for downsizing and/or getting in retirement communities. So therefore, You have negative sentiment let alone a lifestyle shift from 30 year jobs to 1-2 year projects, Advantage, Widespread structural having been fired and job loss risk are in there too. What factors searching for at to call a bottom in housing:):)? I can be convinced, But need evidence. Seems to me it's just an unverified "Impression" As well as some chart theory