Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kids could someday get on squidoo

ohio - Though tagged bans children under 13, Millions of them have profiles on the spot by lying about their age.

The company is now testing ways to allow those kids to participate while not having to lie. This would probably be under parental supervision, Such as by attaching children's accounts to their parents' accounts.

Like a online services, Facebook prohibits kids under 13 because federal law requires companies to obtain parental consent if they want to collect regarding those children.

Similarly info collection is central to Facebook. Every photo or status update a kid posts on Facebook could count as statistics collection. Most companies consider the parental-Consent n obligation too burdensome, So they simply ban kids under 13 instead.

But that ban is hard to enforce. In many instances, Parents them help children skirt it by setting up profiles for them and lying about their ages. There are it is estimated that 7.5 million kids under 13 on facebook or myspace, Out of greater than 900 million users worldwide.

In an argument, Facebook noted that many recent surveys have highlighted "Just how difficult it is to enforce age restrictions via the web, As soon as parents want their children to access online content and services,

"We are in prolonged dialogue with stakeholders, Regulators and other policymakers about how best to help parents keep their kids safe in an evolving online earths atmosphere, Company said.

Few details readily available on the nature of Facebook's tests, That the Wall Street Journal reported on in Monday's editions. Relaxing the ban on younger kids could be a long way off, Or never get taken, As happens with many different features that Facebook tests.

The report comes just two weeks after facebook or myspace began trading stock as a public company. Its stock price has fallen in part because of concerns about its ability to keep increasing revenue and monetize its growing mobile audience.

To jeremy Steyer, The CEO with all the non-Profit a wise practice Media, Facebook's blog posts on permitting young kids to join is about expanding its audience - and earning potential.

"With the growing concerns and pressure around Facebook's structure, The company appears to be doing anything to identify new revenue streams and short-Term corporate profits to impress spooked investors, Steyer said in an announcement.

Will bark: Should kids younger than 13 be allowed to use Facebook? Share your notions on our Facebook page.

But then Stephen Balkan, The CEO of one other kids-but-Scientific research non-Earnings, Family members Online Safety Institute, Disagrees.

Balkan, Who sits on Facebook's Safety Advisory Board in an unpaid status, Said the company has been discussing the issue for over a year. That's months before Facebook made regulating filings in February for its initial public offering of stock, Which taken place in mid-Will certainly.

"It is not to do with the IPO, He explained.

Balkan offered ideas about what Facebook could look like for kids. Because of one, The default setting their account could be set to "Friends and classmates only" So that people can't see their posts. Teenagers who are 13 to 17 have got their accounts set to "Other people of one another" Automatically, Therefore, the under-13 issue would be a step beyond that.

What is more, Parents will present final say on whom their kids become friends with on Facebook. And Facebook could keep social media marketing companies6 off kids' accounts, He said.

"I wouldn't a bit surpised if we see some movement from Facebook this before the end of the year, Balkan menti one d. "By the way I think it would be the best thing if they do it right, As a substitute for this untenable situation of just kicking off under-13s as soon as they discover them,

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