Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laserlight shaping

You can easily do diffractive optics really cheap Easy To Promote! Step By Step Manual On How To Turn Your Greating Card Passion Into A Thriving Business. This Program Contains Strategies For Making Money From Card Making And All The Information You’ll Ever Need To Help You Make Money From Your Craft. Greeting Card Making For Profit - either with taking pictures (Utilizing a non-Digicam) Or a accessible DTP polygraphic technique. A must is to:

Make a Fourier transform of an image you desire (It should be not hard).

Either one print it, Make a photo with a established camera, Develop the film and employ it as you diffractive device OR prepare a pdf/ps file and go to a DTP point (Answer up to 5000dpi should be possible; A few $ per A4 sheet on that you can make a lot of patterns).

As it uses compression, Actually refraction, So some loss of intensity is necessary.

Some patterns really exist here (Merely: Fresnel zone food and diffractive gratings)

The good solution (Unneeded) Is for you to create an acousto optic deflector. There you use an ultrasound transducer to create a thick grating within some clear crystal (But i do think glass works as well). The laser light might deflected. You can vary the angle of deflection by changing how often of the ultrasound. You can put two of this stuff behind each other. You might scan the beam in XY (Just like an oscilloscope). Note that this is not actually shaping the beam. But you can scan the beam speedily.

I always wondered if online businesses write a hologram on a DVD or Blue-Ray method. If one understands the burners firmware good enough to put the data into specific places this might just work. And 50Gb of strategy would make for some pretty detailed pictures