Friday, February 22, 2013

Be scrub their online presence

Be scrub their online impact

- Samantha Grossman wasn't always thrilled believing that emerged when people Googled her name.

"All this wasn't anything too horrible, She being spoken. "I simply have a common name. There is to be pictures, College partying artwork, That were unable of me, Things I wouldn't want to do with me,

So before she graduated from Syracuse or even last spring, The teachers provided her with a tool that allowed her to put her best Web foot forward. Now when we Google her, They go straight to a positive image practiced photo, Cum laude degree and experience that she credits with helping her land a digital advertising job in New York.

"I wanted to ascertain people would find the actual me and not these other people, She exclaimed.

Syracuse, Rochester and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are among the colleges or universities that offer such online tools to their students free of charge, Noticing ill-Thought to be Web profiles of drunken frat parties, Prank videos and worse can doom graduates to a lifetime of unemployment even if the pages are somebody else's with name.

It's a growing trend based on studies showing that most employers Google prospective hires and almost all of them won't bother to go past the first page of results. The online tools don't get rid of the embarrassing material; They just put the graduate's most becoming, Professional profile in the forefront.

"These students have been confident with the intimate details of their lives on display since birth, Told Lisa Severy, Director-Elect of the nation's Career Development Association and director of career services at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Which does not produce service.

"The first item on our `five activities to do before you graduate' list is `clean up your online profile,or" She acknowledged. "We call it the grandma test if you don't need her to see it, In all probability don't want an employer to, The two,

After initially supplying BrandYourself accounts to graduation seniors, Syracuse University this year struck a deal with the company begun by a trio of alumni to offer accounts to all of its undergrad and graduate students and alumni at no additional charge. With regard to 25,000 people can access it so far.

"It's getting increasingly important for students to be aware of and able to manage their online presence, To find it easy have strong, Positive things come up online when someone seeks them out, Shown Mike Cahill, Syracuse's career assistance director.

Online reputation repair companies have been around for at least a few years, Often charging hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to arrange for good results on search engine results. BrandYourself, Which normally charges $10 a month for a bank account, Launched two years ago as a lower priced, Commence-the-Yourself approach after co-Founder Pete Kistler ran into an An Easy To Follow 108 Over Superb Collection Of Japanese Food Recipes Cookbook To Enable You Cook Like A Gourmet Chef. Whip Up Delicious Japanese Food From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. A Touch Of Youlin’s Japanese Kitchen – Japanese Cookbook issue with his own name.

"He couldn't get an internship because he was getting mistaken for a drug dealer with a similar name, Known co-Founder tanker Ambron. "He couldn't even get calls back and found out that was issue is,

An April research of 2,000 hiring managers from CareerBuilder found nearly two in five companies use social networking sites to check out job candidates, And 11 percent said they planned to get you started. A third of the hiring managers who said they research candidates reported finding something such as a provocative photo or evidence of drinking or drug use that cost the candidate a job.

"We want our students and alumni actively relating to shaping their online presence, Said Johns Hopkins Career Center manager Mark Presnell. Students should try to promote positive, Experienced content that's easily found by employers, He explained.

BrandYourself works by analyzing search terms in a user's online profile to set, As an example, That a LinkedIn account might rank 25th on Google searches of anyone's name. The diet plan then suggests ways to boost that ranking. The software also provides alerts when an unidentified result appears on a user's first page or if any links rise or fall markedly in rank.

Nati Katz, A advertising strategist, Views his presence online as a kind of virtual outlet that he began carefully tending while in graduate school at Syracuse.

Google his name and up pops his LinkedIn page with all of the the jobs he's held in digital media and the "500+ links" Badge of recognition. His Facebook account is adorned with Katz smiling over an elegant thanksgiving holiday dinner table