Friday, February 22, 2013

2012 World Pastry champion

But this year was the world challengers and the teams competing were from Japan, South america, The philipines, Holland, The far east, And america. That is a Olympics of the pastry world. And there sure enough were some Olympian chefs there.

Check out the link so you can see what the others is about - each team has 13 a few plenty, Stretch over 2 days, To thought of a set of plated desserts to be judged on Day 1 then a sugar showpiece, A chocolate candy showpiece and petits gateaux for Day 2. And people, Undoubtedly no easy feat. These chefs are perfect, Every one of them. I am no expert but during team cooking school, I did enough sugar work and chocolate work to know how hard it is and the kind of skill you need to even make it to this competition. It takes years of expertise and practice. Some teams experienced for the 13-Hour rivals with as many as 30 or more 13-Hour practice runs that belongs to them for a year and a half. Imagine that kind of dedication rrn addition to doing your day job.

Day 1 was mostly a lot of prep for Day 2 despite the fact that did complete the plated desserts in time for judging. It was enticing to watch the chefs in action. No actuations were wasted, It wasn't the flurry and drama you periodically see on Food Network (ahem, "Sliced, "Cupcake conflicts, In addition to); Instead everything was structured efficiency. After one task was done, They began an additional. They were also judged on how they worked and it was extraordinary to see sponge cakes being made (The base for the plated desserts) Effortlessly, Caught up, Rail network cleaned, Then pastry gel - commit, More Than 30 Videos In 28 Lessons Shows You What You Need To Know To Become An Expert With Facebook. Recently Updated This Course Will Teach You How To Use Facebook To Get Free Traffic. Learn To Use The Largest Web 2.0 Site For More Traffic And Sales Facebook How To Video Training Series Reputation, Remove, good - then mousses and teeth tooth refills. Each member of the team had their own jobs to do and these folks were focused.

Different kinds of teams of judges and various elements of the competition being judged. Not just the finished products in terms of taste and search but also the way they did their work. The tastes judging is done "Impaired" With each team getting sent to a number. The judges can't say for sure which team's products they're judging and their backs are to the team kitchens when they sample the desserts.

Each team must formulate:

1 sugar showpiece 1 chocolate showpiece 1 sugar/chocolate amenity presentation piece for displaying bonbons on buffet table 14 identical plated desserts 3 unique variations of chocolate bonbons3 identical entremets 3 identical entremets glace 3 selecting petits gateaux