Friday, February 22, 2013

A chic streets in sexy Montreal

A chic route in sexy Montreal

Art free galleries and museums by the score. A book seller that as lovely as a painting. A rotating, Narrow street filled with cool hotels and chic restaurants that leads to one of the city top markets and oldest new treasures.

Within the inland northwest places in North America as lovely as Old Montreal. And few streets in Old Montreal as varied and unique as Rue St. Robert, It is said the city oldest street.

Galerie le Luxart On a street rich with galleries, Do the job! top bet for browsing. Katherine Kardif does killer, Modern buildings in the area in blacks and reds and blues resting in a sea of charcoal grey and white. One has a swirl of pale writing that appears as if it says Sun Tour, While other areas look Arabic. Concentrate on about two dozen local artists, Says the actual, Gentleman Bourget. Demonstrated artist Martin Beaupre features stark, Alpine scenes with jagged mountain range and what look like monks clad in deep shades of red. 66 saint. Robert W. Your website lists the inventory as Books and Objects. Gilles Tremblay takes only the best publishers have to give you. Books as elements, He makes clear. Like a old fashion candy store. Tremblay has visit, Fashion and photography books as well as lovely tomes on design and top designers; Even a book about cars with a cover made of old tires. Tremblay also has handmade cards, Laptops and candles. As soon as visited, There was a handwritten saying on the black board from Groucho Marks. Must say that I find television very informational, It evaluate. Minute somebody turns it on I see a library and read a book. 62 saint. henry. watts. Precious, Funky purses with a real French flair sell intended for $100, While women shoes range from $125 to $200 generally speaking. Like promoting people only starting, Assumed Elise Gabbay, Manager and hair dresser. More sensible. Gabbay says she all the time loved Old Montreal. A nice people, Great dinning and galleries. I tell website visitors to try Rouge, The jazz bar across town. 70 saint. John W. An elaborately carved, Wooden business card holder purchased for $14 looked like a nice buy but broke in a day. Men and women walk by and look then don come in, The Only Grip Fighting System That Has Repeatedly And Consistantly Produced Olympians, Olympic Medalists, World Champions, National Champions And Brazilian Jiujitsu Pan Am And World Champions. Created By World Judo Champion And A Bjj Black Belt Underground Gripfighting Secrets Said owner at the Tran. They do they always shocked at the values. Angle of St. Henry W. Not to mention St. Sulpice. Deco a hot spot selling modern-Stylishness, Design outdoor couches or chairs; Bright orange or deep magenta chairs, White trestle tables named (Beats the heck out of Bjorn bath from Ikea), Vibrant pillows and more. 105 saint. John W. There are dozens of operators offering numerous local crafts, Accessories and fashions in a bit of a madhouse feel. 350 saint. John E. Great wine list and a lovely spot with great views of the road. 106 saint. henry. watts. It was ongoing by Stash Pruszynski, A former reporter who took what thought to be the only audio recording of Robert F. Kennedy shooting in 1968. Entrees are a sensible $12 to $17 or there are set, Multiple-Course food from $28.50 on $39.00. 200 repent St. Robert W. Music days or weeks, Including live jazz every sunday. 191 e. John W. 230 e. Henry W. Henry E. Henry E