Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lanky model photos draw protesters

"Who do they High Quality WordPress Plugin To Show Affiliate Link Cloud And To Automatically Convert Keywords Into Interactive Affiliate Links. High Conversion, Affiliates Can Earn Huge Money. See: Affilinker – #1 Affiliate WordPress Plugin think they are really? Making women feel less sexy and less incredible than we are. Why do they think they have the legal right to do that,

The design and style company, Polo rob Lauren, Had already apologized after doctoring ads so drastically the models appeared to be images in a fun-Fair match. Specifically, One ad advertised model Filippa Hamilton, Who had previously been fired by Lauren for becoming too fat for their tastes: Place 5-foot-10, She acessed 120 pounds. Protesters also unearthed well doctored photos of models Valentina Zelyaeva and Magdalena Frackowiak.

NOW is demanding a new apology from Lauren and legislation against images that promote the concept that skeletal thin is beautiful.

A representative for Polo Ralph Lauren offered this statement Tuesday to the Star: "Polo Ralph Lauren has repeatedly apologized for this and takes full blame for the poor retouching and deeply regrets the release of these images. These images are not in step with our standards, And we have since implemented a strict system to be certain that, Forward movement, Our images specifically represent our brand values