Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping track of Bunnies Puzzle

In these days store bought toys are a dime a dozen and their designs and novelty are temporary if not fleeting. Even toughness is not as it once was, With giant companies racing to cut over head by entrusting to factories with shaky safety records, Hoping to turn a profitable profit.

But do toys really matter these days? When video games and electronics such as cell phones and ipods, Have consumed the culture of a number of the civilized world's daily existence, And end up being the most wanted items - echoed in the fashions and promotional initiatives that flood our televisions and printed media. Do apparently with their "flat" Toys of last year have a needed place in our children's lives? Since you, Among an expanding movement of parents, Educators and doctors, Believe the simplest way yes.

There have also been many studies compiling findings that support the theory that moving our children into the digital age has not come without a price. People are cluing in that children are slowly loosing out on make believe play, Which is critical for language and problem solving development for their growing brains. The pieces are larger than other similar puzzles I have seen available for purchase, There is also rounded edges. It is nice to have a puzzle that offers a 2 dimensional feel as opposed to the typical one-Sizing, Hand crafted-Concerning-one -Lateral-Only puzzles you find in another place.

The Counting Bunnies Puzzle's design is very sweet with momma bunny watching over her babies as they race to achieve the large carrots, All numbered to encourage your youngster's counting skills. The way the bunny pieces are situated will help your child to learn about balance and sharpen his or her's dexterity. It is a nice feeling bearing that in mind the designer used child safe paint when decorating the puzzle pieces, So many toys are made without forethought into the things that will be used.

My 5 yr old daughter liked that the pieces fit into the base and thought the carrot theme was "So cool, Even my 18th month old little boy was drawn to the bright colors and various shapes.

I was happy to know that this purchase is taking advantage of fair trade W artisans and that the wood used to create this puzzle is rubberwood - which can regenerate new growth that is usable immediately, So the collecting process is very eco-Friendy.

The only slightly negative thing I can say about Counting Bunnies Puzzle is that since it is eco-Friendly the puzzle came engrossed in shrink wrap, So there isn't actually a container to house the pieces - which was a little annoying. My kids had the pieces all over in no time.

Overall effect:

The Counting Bunnies Puzzle is well constructed by hand out of green sustainable wood and supports Fair trade workers in disadvantaged countries. Not only will your youngsters love the cuteness factor Take This Opportunity To Dominate Almost Any Niche Market Simply By Tapping Into The Popularity Of An Ever-growing Revolution In Business.. The Mobile Medium! Now Includes Extra Bonus Reports, Pro Video Home Study Course Plus Much More!How To Make Money From Mobile Marketing of the puzzles design, But this puzzle is educational and something will last for years to come, And would make a great toy to pass on to generations to come.

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