Monday, February 18, 2013

Just 21 but certainly. rules Opinion

The online social networks, Youtube, Google or yahoo, Buying groceries and paying carpet cleaning bills online -- it is difficult to remember a time when the internet wasn a fundamental element of everyday life.

Next month historians and tech geeks will remember that time when online, The system synonymous with the internet normally, Comes of age and remembers its 21st birthday.

Considered once the domain of the geeky and socially isolated, an "Files superhighway" Can today be accessed from almost anywhere on the planet.

Not bad for something derided just 11 yrs ago in the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as "A communications tool used the world over to allow people to b**** about movies and share pornography against each other,

Services such as email and the online bulletin board system UseNet predate the creation of the web but this is not some memorable additions to the web world in the past 21 years.

Google and yahoo wars -- Google one among well-Known search engine on the web but its dominance of the market is only quite recent.

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A few different browsers -- Nearly 30 per cent of web users today view web pages through ie but in the it was more common to see such browser programs as Lynx, Netscape sat nav and Opera.

These have almost all fallen out of vogue in lieu of web browser, Firefox and Safari but remain fond memories those who remember waiting up to 10 minutes for a single web page to load.

Photo giving out -- Before the web almost all communication and information shared via the internet was simple text.

This all influenced in mid-1992 when the first photograph was uploaded to online featuring employees of the CERN organisation.

Few people would realise value of this industry, Something which is more in use than ever following the advent of social networking sites like facebook