Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Luring Kids via phone Games

Since a child of the '60s and early '70s, I remember viewing television and being inundated with commercials for sugary cereals, Candies and sodas. Afterward, Unexpectedly, The FTC starting cracking down on this sort of social media marketing companies6 and it all but disappeared. Food companies are embedding many (Mostly insufficient, Fizzy snacks) In easy and enticing games for touch-Screen phones and supplements. To quote an executive at a fast foods company in New Jersey, "The apps are certainly directed at kids, Ebook On How To Make Money By Managing Social Media For Celebrities And Famous People. Work With Famous Celebrities Who Will Pay You Handsomely Just For Spending Time On Facebook & Twitter! Available As An Ebook As Well As Audio Mp3. Social Media Management For Celebrities With childhood obesity going up, It is time for everyone -- food clothing clothes types, Parents and youngsters -- to get smart and get it done! The WSJ piece states that an app called Cookie Dough Bites Factory has been down loaded more than three million times. That is extravagant. Even if just twenty percent of the kids that download the app chicago advertising agencies increasingly becoming their parents to buy Cookie Dough Bites, That's a lot of UNHEALTHY Bites being eaten by our little ones.

The way to turn? I think the FTC needs to come in and regulate social media marketing companies6 on mobile games like they do with commercials in the news. Appearing as part of 2006, Large food companies formed the Children's Food and Beverage social media marketing companies6 project, Part of the Council of bbb, Which encouraged voluntary promises to social media marketing companies6 healthier food to children. However, Up to now six months, Sixteen large food service provider, As well as Kraft, Wrigley and as well as Mars, Have shown increased increase mobile marketing. I am a big supporter of the First Amendment, But feel in such cases, There ought to be some guidelines to help parents determine the benefits (Or to healthfulness) Of a number of these apps and the foods (Mostly something to eat) They inspire.

We as parents have a duty and desire to guide, Teach and nurture our youngsters. As the childhood obesity epidemic keeps rising -- nearly one in five Americans relating to the age of 2 and 19 are overweight -- now is the time for parents to educate themselves and their children on living a healthful life. As a parent of 3-year-Old ladies, I am cognizant of the allure of my iPhone and iPad and have loaded both with many different, great, Engaging and informational games. I am not necessarily one of the three million that has downloaded Cookie Dough Bites Factory. Nothing at all is educational about this app. Seriously, It serves as a very deceptive way of trying to entice children to have their parents to buy sugary snacks. Taking never eaten a Cookie Dough Bite, I can't speak to the flavors or appeal. I can speak to the insanely unhealthy nutritional facts: One 80 gram marijuana has 380 calories, 18 h of fat (10 grams of which happen to be saturated) 38 grams of sugar and virtually no vitamins and minerals.

We don't let our children play with matches which now have potential danger. Manage what your children eat and drink. Failure to do so from my opinion is criminal. E owe it to them to demonstrate to them the way, Lead by case and live long, Healthy and beneficial lives