Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bijaya Mohanty

Using the doing drama as early in his 10th class. This credit stays in Prasanna Mohanty, A large canvas prints senior from country wide School of Drama who saw 50% Authentic Man Program: Remove The Nice Guy Curse And Discover How To Unleash The Primal, Sexual Beast In You. Co-create Instant, Carnal Attraction With Women That Leaves Them Feeling Both Appreciated And Aching With Desire, Even From Across The Room. Authentic Sexual Power him on stages, Appreciated his talent and asked to join NSD. He given-Aside NSD, Along with friends like Nasseruddin shah, Raj Babbar, Om Puri.

After that he dabbled in theatre for a long time. His disillusionment about career made him restless. So he planned to go away Orissa. But something better transpired. At the bus stand on your own, A telegram came up for him which said, "Come for photographing: Babu Bhai, He had been called to a venue for esteem, Ranihat, Cuttack due to Babu Bhai. Later he learned Babu Bhai to be Dr Basant Mohapatra. Basant heard about his passing from NSD and wanted him to act as the central figure in his production "Sankalpa, That had been directed by Prafulla Mohanty. Yet unfortunately, Later on 12 days, Its firing ended abruptly.

Then Bijaya came to Bhubaneswar and met Sangeet Natak Academy assistant Manoranjan Das, Whose dramas he had sharp earlier. Das asked Bijaya whether to become the first teacher in the drama department that the institute would definitely open shortly. Bijaya agreed him and joined the drama office.

Films became his existence and passion after he joined in the Drama department of the Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in 1977. Super hit film Naga Phasa predetermined him as an actor, But in damaging role.

After that, He made an appearance in films like 'Bipasha', 'Pati Patni', 'Sautuni', 'Samay Bada Balwan', 'Danda Balunga', 'Sahari Bagha', 'Chaka Bhaunri' and 'Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi' in damaging roles. To incorporate financing Baripada, From during which he hails, Mohanty had shaped a drama troupe Jugechha, That wasthat's a well-Known troupe and staged play around Orissa as well as the country.

Bijay Mohanty is probably the best actor in the modern day who has tried his hand in all types of roles - good guy, Bad guy, Comedian and characteristics role. Significantly, He has played all these roles competently and much to the appreciation of the film-ex's. He has left impressive marks as a personality artiste in films like 'Ki Heba Sua Posile', 'Bhisma Pratigya', 'Bhai Hela Bhagari', 'Suna Panjuri', 'Laxman Rekha', 'Rakhi Bhijigala Akhi Luhare' and 'I really enjoy My India'. He has also tried his hand in direction with the film 'Bhuli Hue Na' and has prevailed in his directorial debut