Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ky Escort Agency Becomes a Top internal Agency

Let's continue our homework into the murder of Deborah Wardlaw by showing how Mike Comberger, Who owns Fantasy's Escorts, Became a national powerhouse among prostitutes and escort agencies with some help from the Lexington police and former Fayette County Attorney, Maggie Kannensohn.

My brought on beginning in 1997 started pointing to a few major players in the Lexington area. The more I read about Mike Comberger and Fantasy's enterprises the more I became concerned. I started research Mr. Comberger and sending my findings to local churches, Mayor's offices and Fayette County legal practitioner, Maggie Kannensohn. The churches were concerned and some of the mayor's offices contacted me and we discussed ways to modify and eliminate human slavery by mean of prostitution and escort agencies. Margaret Kannensohn and Fayette County law enforcement officials, But unfortunately, Were not only less helpful but became very defensive and unhealthy to me.

Deborah Wardlaw was murdered at that time that I was doing these investigations and writing these letters. As you'll, I was intimately aware of the escort industry and the major players involved in that time. Deborah was cease to cooperating with the corrupt vice cops and this made her a target. Mike Comberger was not only cooperating with vice but with them. Mike had authorities driving the escorts to jobs, Standing around at the agency's townhouse and even partaking of the escorts' vices.

This made Mike basically invincible. It's that he wore silk shirts unbuttoned with chest hair and large bawdy gold chains around his neck. He had a jeweler make a gold copy of his logo and made each girl that he assumed "Their own" Wear it on a chain that he would replace on them. He had a penchant for driving classic Cadillacs with every detail emblazoned in gold the particular wheels. This could normally make someone like him an easy target for police to spot. Mike didn't seem to get anxious with an off-Duty officer tagging along at his side almost he went. I spotted Mike and a girlfriend/escort at an event at the ls Inn once. Several minutes later an off-Duty officer pressed me into a table using his weight. He then leaned over and told me that he worked for Mike and Mike had the protection of the police department so I'd better keep clear of him (Comberger). When Mike found out that I was examining him and his relationship to the police he found me at a gas station and ran me over in front of 25 witnesses. Though I wrote many letters and filed all the documents are, Mike Comberger was not ever arrested nor charged in this incident. The officers that would later threaten and possibly murder Deborah Wardlaw as well as set me up for many false arrests were answerable for this file. We'll discuss this more in more detail later.

The authorities and County Attorney, Maggie Kannensohn, Famously ran highly publicized stings on massage parlors and escort agencies over time. At the same time, In the coming articles I will prove that the only prostitutes busted over these 'stings' were the independent ones or the stubborn agencies that refused to pay the 'protection' money.

Below you will see my most recent e-Mail regarding Fantasy's Escorts variety. The website explains that you must undergo a criminal background checks before booking and you must use a credit card. The background check is to just be sure to are not a police officer or agency that is not on the payroll. Vehicle do any good. Whenever a good officer occurs, Normally a rookie, And they start to look into data file corruption error and ties to organized crime and prostitution they are set up and gotten rid of. An accusation alone is without a doubt enough to destroy someone's career.

You can see this in the case of local police, Joshua Cromer, Famous for arresting John jordan Montgomery. Mister. Cromer's interest in corruption within the ranks at the Lexington Police Department made his arrest of a celebrity an expedient way The Easiest Way To Get Organized For The Holidays. Loaded With Forms, Checklists, Logs And Information Sheets To Help You Keep On Top Of Everything You Have To Remember Every Christmas! Christmas Holiday Planner to discredit him before he could prove his suspicions. Look online the events in Mr. Cromer's life after he left the force and you'll quickly see what typically happens to anyone who becomes a target of the dark side of police politics. I know of other stories of harassment from gangs of officers, One even which causes the suicide of the victim of the harassment, A local minister and entrepreneur. Let's not forget what actually transpired to Fred Mills, Manager of the Kentucky concert, When he crossed these exact same people. He dared play a vintage porn show at the theater. Not an average porn but one reportedly a classic of film-Making usually. The city repossesed the film, Mills fought and won and the city had to go back the film to the theater. Not long next a couple claimed to need a ride. Generators, Regarded as a very nice gentleman, Agreed to allow them a ride. They did not get very far and the local police pulled them over. The many people were allowed to leave but Mills was detained. A questionable search found number of cocaine in the back seat. Mills was caught and charged. Just similarly to my case, A long fight ensued eventually leading to the dismissal of all the charges. Mills had won but his name had been slandered and the costs of this sort of harassment go beyond monetary. Fred generators, Like us, Will never completely trust those who find themselves expected to protect us from exactly the actions they engage in.

Fantasy's recent e-Mail moral:

Evansville indiana Escorts Jaimie, Betty Shannon. Cincinnati companion Trish

Human slavery and government corruption work together. Both are abhorrent and dangerous and seldom exist without having cooperation of the other. You can help me and other decent citizens of America by making phone calls to communities like your local Rape Crisis Center, HALT and your local public safety officers, County attorney and attorney general's offices and keep these things look into Fantasy's, Paul Comberger, And the other agencies around the particular that prey on the weak and helpless among us. Demand that local police and vice squads allowing prostitution ads on Craigslist, In phone books and the web like Fantasy's to 'pay to play' be arrested for aiding and abetting a crime.

Not long after I wrote the letters linked above and began to make dubs, Record and videotape evidence of connections between escorts and the local police I was arraigned with running an escort agency. For two years I fought to get the case thrown out while the county attorney admitted to the judge that they had only a belief but no evidence of such. The judge allowed the case to keep at it until after jury selection when the county abruptly dropped the case for lack of witnesses or evidence. They had hoped that the extensive cost of their 2 year delays would force me to take a plea bargain and thus destroy any credibility that I would have in telling of my inspections. They felt wrong, Yet still, In this way they beat me anyway. You watch, A secret of the court system is that if they can prove you guilty, They will just destroy you with money. Either way they have taken furniture from you, Slandered your name and now you can be broke you will be an easier target for their harassment. This moment, Conversely, You must settle for a more reasonable attorney. And so begins periodic harassment.

By the time I finish this series you will see the pattern of harassment and you will see the same names appear at times. I believe that by bringing the evidence straight to you and providing the documents to prove the connections the answers of Lexington's corruption will emerge. You will have no doubt who murdered Deborah Wardlaw so you can understand exactly how Mike Comberger went from wanted felon hiding in Texas to bold and brash Lexington escort agency owner to running a multi-State human trafficking crime syndicate by using local police.

Please follow along and help me solve the murder of Deborah Wardlaw and avoid the sad crime of human trafficking. Local governments assisting prostitution is a sad secret in many communities across this country. Together we can bring focus on this and help those trapped in this abusive life